Bump Gates are ideal for acreage properties through to outback cattle stations / ranches. When installed onto new or existing gates, Bump Gate kits improves property and animal security and family safety while enhancing your quality of life with the ease and convenience of no longer having to open and close gates manually.
For each Bump Gate installed on a property, families, employers and employees are no longer wasting time and fuel stopping to open and close gates every day, and the savings pay for your Bump Gate kit within the first year. Operating by mechanical power and gravity, Bump Gates are low maintenance and reliable, with a two-year parts warranty.

Property Security - The Gate is Always Closed

Property security is an issue for most people today and if gates are left open, entry to residences, farms or businesses is made easy for anyone passing by. However a Bump Gate is always closed, acting as a deterrent to anyone without a legitimate reason for entering your property. When closed, a Bump Gate is held securely in a Two-way lock.

Simple and convenient

Bump Gates are simple and convenient to use. Just slow down to 2 kph, gently "bump" the gate and keep going. No more getting out at night, in rain, storms, snow etc to open gates by hand.

Safety of Bump Gates vs Cattle Grid

Customers on acreages and farms often purchase Bump Gate kits to keep in pets and livestock.
In the past they had problems keeping animals in, as visitors sometimes left gates open or animals escaped while moving vehicles through the gate.
With a Bump Gate installed, the gate is always closed and animals are safe. It also keeps stray or wild animals out.
Before hearing about Bump Gates, many Australian farmers installed a standard gate across cattle grids/guards because livestock were jumping them and being injured or getting out. Bump Gates are safer than cattle grids / guards and mean no more broken legs for livestock - animals are kept safely on your property.

Cost Savings

Bump Gate kits can be installed onto new or existing gates, saving you the expense of a whole gate system and making it affordable to change several gates into Bump Gates. Bump Gate kits sell for a fraction of the real cost of a cattle grid or electronic system, making a Bump Gate the most cost effective automatic gate available.

Adjustable "Bump" Sensitivity

Bump Gates have an adjustable cable setting that allows you to control the sensitivity of the opening mechanism - ie how hard you need to bump the gate. For livestock you can decrease the sensitivity so you need to bump it harder to open the gate. This prevents the gate from opening if an animal bumps the gate. You can increase sensitivity making it easier to open by hand.

Hold the Gate Open With the Delay Catch

Another handy feature of a Bump Gate is that it can be temporarily held open using the tail of the Delay Catch, for moving cattle, or when having large numbers of visitors.

Open with Cars, 4WDs, Light Trucks, Motorbikes, On Foot, On Horseback

Bump Gates are very versatile and can be opened with all types of cars, 4WDs and light trucks, while on horseback, motorbike or on foot. A bull/bushbar is not needed, and the rubber sleeved arms will not activate airbags or damage vehicles.

Adjustable Closing Speed

Bump Gates have an adjustable closing speed. After installing the kit, you can adjust the Speed Screw for the closing speed that suits your needs. Adjusting inwards gives a slower closing speed for towing trailers, horse floats or boats through the Bump Gate.

Improve your safety

A Bump Gate also improves the personal safety of family members. Everyone can stay within your vehicles - there is no need get out at any time. The risk of accidents at gateways is avoided and there is no longer the worry of leaving young children alone in the car while opening gates.
Parents can enjoy peace of mind at home knowing that your children's safety is taken care of with a Bump Gate making playing areas more secure.

Easy to Maintain

Looking after a Bump Gate is easy - grease the Top and Bottom Hinge twice a year, a 5 minute task.

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